When I was little I wanted to be so many things, but AI was not one of them. As our experiences entwine ever-more deeply with our use of technology we comfortably entwine ever-more tightly, shooting back grasping roots that quickly grow woody with permanence and abundant use.

Are we approaching a hybrid human-tech state? Are we on the cusp of becoming the technologically driven self-aware beings that we have been talking about, dreaming of and fearing all these years? From the first blip of the internet to where we find ourselves today, our lives have changed wildly, but we are here now, here we are, and there is no going back.

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We all have some kind of presence on the internet, but how many of us could say that our true self is represented online? And why should we want to express ourselves honestly and deeply online?

Many of us are content enough with our controlled and manicured online persona living out their rather neat and respectable existence online, while we retain a private space in the real world for all the retched confusion, stink and love-soaked sobbing.

But it’s getting hard to ignore that the internet and our relationship with it have changed to the point that keeping the two personas separate is getting ever-more awkward.

Further, what doesn’t make the cut for the online world gets shoved in the “too-juicy-for-the-whole-world” basket, which ends up being a collection of traits and ideas that don’t see a lot of daylight.

Now, it is unrealistic to expect anyone to be totally comfortable with their torrent of mental dialogue being published on Facebook, or airing anything more than an unbuttoned collar on their Linkedin page.

But in an online landscape that is as vast as it is, surely there can be a place to talk about the things that really make us light up and the things that make us ugly-cry or express words directly from the fire in our bellies without judging our words through the abstract lens of our imagined response from other people.

The concept of expressing and exploring our whole selves online is not an abstract just-because pursuit, we could create a greater sense of belonging on the internet, where we increasingly find ourselves being.  

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Happy Hive Mind is a quiet corner of the web for candid storytelling and deep connection.

I invite you to write daily, for yourself, and to yourself, and then when you are ready, share what you find within your explorations with the HIVE MIND! Within the process of daily writing, you will have some interstellar epiphanies!  You’ll also have some mildly amusing musings, some melancholy laments, and some objective observations… it’s all part of the beautiful process of documenting this wild life!  

As you learn about yourself, from yourself, about the world and from the world, we would love to learn with you, that’s how the hive mind works! 

I hope this project will inspire you to take up journaling, turn to your journal more, or take your journaling to the next level. I also hope that this project will become a collection of succulent morsels of raw and juicy humanness as the repertoire of stories begins to grow. And my final and most fundamental hope is to see a community grow around this space, a community to share your passions with, to belong to and to connect deeply with.

So, here we are. We’re here now, let’s get comfy!


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Charli Weinrauch is a Brisbane-based blogger and creator of Happy Hive Mind.


Renae Foottit · 3 March 2021 at 12:14 pm

Ooooh Charli this is right up my alley!! I have kept journals/Diaries since I was 9 years old and have absolutely had some cracking epiphanies while scribbling away. I have used my blog (mostly my old one) as a bit of a journal where I can feel safe sharing the real me. I love the idea of getting to know people more personally through a safe and creative space. Well done you! Can’t wait to read more 😊

    happyhivemind · 8 March 2021 at 7:10 am

    Thank you for your beautiful words and for your wonderful encouragement Renae!
    You are simply excellent at keeping up with your writing, and you’re well into the practice of sharing your musings, I love what you do!

Conor Powell · 9 April 2021 at 9:18 am

I loved reading this post about human connections, there’s a lot of truth in it and some good takeaways! I always try to call my friends and family rather than text them just for the human touch. Great read, looking forward to more!

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