…it’s Warm in the Swarm    

Keeping a diary is without a doubt one of the most personal processes out there!  It’s pretty purely your rambling, torrent of mental dialogue poured out mercilessly, and sometimes messily, onto the page. 

There are some amazing resources to be found about journaling to help you get started. Some of my favourite blogs about the subject are Writing Through Life which really helps to inspire dedicated practice, and the Soul of Hope for journal prompts and creative inspiration.

Following 20 years of scribbling in little notebooks (almost) everyday, I have amassed quite a pile of tattered catalogues of musings, ramblings, stories, lists and fleeting ideas.  You can read about my journey with journaling here.

Some of it brings me to blissful tears at the re-telling, some of it I kind of want to burn, but all of it is precious to me, because it is me, it’s my flow of consciousness through the ages. 

Photo by Rahul Pandit from Pexels

Now after all these years I find myself wanting to take it to the next level.  I’ve noticed a trend that I want to explore in this project, Happy Hive Mind. 

Whatever I discover through my private process of journaling, is always so beautifully consolidated through sharing it with my inner circle.  I’ll define a belief or feeling through my scribbling, and I’ll feel ignited by it’s expression onto the page, but that spark can catch a breeze and burn forever if I share it. 

No matter who you are, what you’re going through, how you feel about yourself, someone can relate to you, someone can learn from you, and someone can help you find a ray of hope if you need it. 

Most of all, I just want to see a wealth of real, juicy, unashamed humanness expressed en masse! 

The kind of stories that we used to hear on the super-late night talk-back radio, or find in the anonymous write-in section of our teenage magazines.  The internet has given us the incredible capacity to harvest rich, human stories from every pocket of the planet, yet sometimes the vastness of the Web and its immense reach can stifle our courage to share our true selves.

Happy Hive Mind offers a way to share deeply and intimately without having to assess how your raw sentiments will affect your online image for the rest of time.  Deep and fulfilling human connection can still be found online. 

So, let it all hang out, your muffin top is cute and we all want to squeeze it.


(Featured Image supplied by Marianna from Pexels)


Charli Weinrauch is a Brisbane-based blogger and creator of Happy Hive Mind.


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