Charli Weinrauch

Charli is a Brisbane based Blogger and creator of Happy Hive Mind.

Charli has used Journaling to untangle her thoughts and achieve mindfulness and a sense of calm for over 20 years.  She continues to write daily, and now shares some of her musings here on the Happy Hive Mind Blog.  When she’s not checking in with the Hive Mind, Charli is busy loving her two beautiful children, completing a Psychology degree, and penning her first novel, a dystopian Sci-fi for Young Adults.
Happy Hive Mind is intended to be a space to inspire others to explore the benefits of Journaling, and to offer a space to share our musings so we can benefit as a Community.

Happy Hive Mind is inspired by 3 key principles:

1. Sharing your real self with people creates a sense of belonging. Articulating your experiences can lead to enhanced understanding of yourself, can assist in processing events, and can open your mind to problem-solving opportunities. By opening up to our community you invite reflection on your journey by the Happy Hive Mind community, who will, in turn, lend an objective viewpoint to your experiences.

2. We can learn from each other’s raw truths. The internet has given us the incredible capacity to harvest rich, human stories from every pocket of the planet, yet sometimes the vastness of the Web and its immense reach can stifle our courage to share our true selves. Happy Hive Mind offers a way to share deeply and intimately for the world to learn from and reflect on.

3. Deep and fulfilling human connection and a sense of belonging can still be found online. We naturally exercise self-preservation online to protect our online identity.  Happy Hive Mind offers a space to share to an impartial audience, (and even anonymously), so those back-of-the-mind thoughts can see the light of day.

Read, Write, Share, Repeat.

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